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For college students life is about growing up, feeling independent, keeping up with the latest trends, defying authority and changing the world. The giving events created for and by college students must, therefore, reflect these ideals they hold dear. For them, ‘giving’ must challenge the status quo, have a larger significance, and must be ‘in’.

Some examples to get inspired by

In the past, events for college students have been able to engage a large number of givers. Bhumi, one of India’s largest independent youth volunteer non-profits, has mobilised several college students during #DaanUtsav across the country. Activities such as tree plantations, beach clean-ups and collection drives have been carried out by ‘Campus Catalysts’ under Bhumi’s guidance.

JAM Magazine’s College ‘JoyFest’ was another out-of-the-box idea that drew millions of college students towards philanthropy and doing good. It helped to promote awareness and sensitivity among the youth of over 300 college campuses in India, catalysing as fundraisers for local NGOs during the cultural festivals.

St. Peter’s Engineering College in Hyderabad participated in the Rice Bucket Challenge. Students of Rizvi College in Mumbai performed a flash mob for breast cancer awareness at Andheri station. Watch their full performance below.

Aurora Degree College in Hyderabad celebrated by doing a ‘7 Days, 7 Givings’ event, where the idea was to do small acts of giving every day of the week. GNITS, Hyderabad put together a talent show attended by over 250 children from various shelter homes!

Other colleges which have been part of the festivities include IIM-Trichy, SRM University, NIT Chennai, SASTRA, and IIM-Bangalore.

If you are young, hot-blooded and want to be the change you want to see in the world, here are some ideas you might find useful in getting youth groups and colleges to celebrate #DaanUtsav:

  1. Fundraising

Fundraising challenges, especially on digital platforms like Ketto, Milaap, amongst others, are always fun and engaging for citizens of the Internet age. A college could choose a particular cause, and its students can then create fundraising campaigns. The key here would be for students to mobilise their own network of friends, family, and relatives to be able to complete the challenge in a given number of days. Visit ketto.org to know more about online crowdfunding and its various forms.

  1. Volunteering

#DaanUtsav could be a good opportunity for young people like yourself to engage in some hands-on volunteering with a cause you associate with. From skill-based volunteering, spot fixes, painting a local municipal school, beach clean-ups or just spending a day with the beneficiaries, college students could use #DaanUtsav as an excuse to give back to society by volunteering. Check out bhumi.org to understand meaningful volunteering opportunities!

  1. #HappyDot Selfie Booths

Here’s giving the very cool idea of a selfie booth a social twist. How about letting NGOs set up these booths in your colleges? You could have these NGOs arrange funky props, and the usage of each prop could cost the person Rs X (which would go to the NGO’s beneficiaries). Students could click selfies by sticking the #HappyDot on their fingers against a particular backdrop with the use of these props. 

  1. Wish Trees

An idea that has worked across verticals is the ‘Wish Tree’. It can be set up in a lobby, in the canteen or at any such place which is frequented by everyone. The aim is to get students and staff to pick up the ‘wishes’ from the tree and donate the amount. The proceeds go to the NGO, in collaboration with which the Wish Tree is put up. Over the years the Wish Tree has acquired many forms. 

  1. Public performances

Dance, music, theatrestudents can take co-curriculars out into the streets during #DaanUtsav and raise awareness for causes they feel strongly about. Flash mobs, musical recitals and street theatre performances are some of the formats they could use.

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