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A crucial stakeholder in the business process is the customer. Customer-facing corporates have the rare opportunity to engage several crores of their customers to do an act of giving during #DaanUtsav. By engaging their customers, corporates are, hence, able to create large numbers of givers.

Some examples to get inspired by

Ever since corporates started celebrating #DaanUtsav in 2009, they have successfully managed to create simple, large-scale campaigns and opportunities to spread awareness about #DaanUtsav and get their customers to do an act of giving during 2-8 October every year.

For instance, SPAR Hypermart sold packets of grain and food supplies in their stores across seven cities which were bought by their customers and donated to selected NGOs or someone in need. Equally inspiring was Indian Oil’s petrol pumps, where NGOs put up collection booths which became the locus of giving across cities.

Customers can purchase a specific product and Rs. X goes towards a chosen cause.
Customers can buy and donate products.
Banking, Finance, Insurance
Collect donations from customers through ATMs.
Give customers the option for opting-in for small donations during credit card payments.
Customers can opt-in to donate for a cause at the time of checkout. Reward points can also be donated.
Have a wishlist of products NGOs need so customers can purchase and donate them to the NGO.
Customers purchase products to donate, and capture the act in a ‘selflessie’ which they then share on social media. The company donates Rs X for each Selflessie posted for a chosen cause. This can be promoted through social media and in-store promotions.
The customers buy Rs. X worth of product, to which the company contributes Rs. Z to a chosen NGO.

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