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You can celebrate in several ways using #DaanUtsav’s social media platforms: Facebook (facebook.com/daanutsav), Twitter (@daanutsav), and Instagram (@daanutsav).

Listed below are a few ideas:

1. Post your Happy Dot Selfie: Once you perform an act of giving during the week, click a selfie with the #DaanUtsav happy dot (see the smiley in the logo) and share it online. You can either draw the Happy Dot yourself or print it and stick it on your finger, wrist, or face.

2. Post photos and videos of giving: Document your act of giving and share it across social media platforms. Additionally, you can also upload it on YouTube. Watch this inspirational video where little scholars of a Nursery schools paid a visit to All Bengal Women’s Union, an old age home for women. The children gifted them blankets and in return they were bestowed with affection and blessings from the inmates of the house.

3. Tag atleast 5 people after you perform an act of giving: To create a chain of givers using your social network, tag 5 or more of your friends to motivate them to celebrate #DaanUtsav.

4. Share stories of giving: This can be through blog posts and status updates on social media in which you recount the experience and act of giving through narrative and/ or images.

5. Use the #DaanUtsav badge on your Facebook profile: Go to the ‘Pic Badges’ app on Facebook and then search for the ‘Daan Utsav’ badge using the search tool. Once you find it, click on it and activate the feature. The badge will now show on your profile. Wherever you post, whatever you post, don’t forget to include the hashtag #daanutsav.

For detailed information, refer to the Daan Utsav Social Media Toolkit.


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