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Wish Trees

The Wish Tree concept is amongst the few easily-replicable ideas that you may use to get people to celebrate #DaanUtsav. It is literally a wish-fulfilling tree, that gives donors the opportunity to fulfill the wishes/needs of an NGO or any such institution.

You could place a wish tree anywhere – in corporate lobbies, hotels, colleges, schools, malls and apartment buildings, to name a few places.

How a Wish Tree Works –

You can put up a variety of wishes on the Wish Tree. For example –

i) ‘A pencil box worth Rs. 50’

ii) ‘2 school uniforms for a child costing Rs. 300’

iii) ‘Sunday Feasts for an old person worth Rs. 150’

iv) ‘5 cakes of washing soap worth Rs. 50’

People desirous of fulfilling any of the wishes may pick the card and write their name, and cell number on the reverse of the tag. Then, they could drop the Wish Cards into a drop box next to the tree. People may then pick up the Wish Fruit (‘WF’) from another open box lying there, fill in their names and replace it at the place of the Wish Card.

The more cards get picked up, the more they get replaced by DaanUtsav Smileys or the “I did my bit” sticker, and the fruitier the tree looks and shows how many people are committing to the cause.

Do remember that this is just a tentative idea on how the wish trees could work – you are free to conceptualise it in any other way!

Things to remember about the Wish Tree –

Placement – The tree should be prominently placed, where there is a potential of crowd gathering or a moving crowd.

Wishes/Pledges – The branches of tree have wish cards or pledges pasted on them.  More the no. of wishes fulfilled, fruitier the tree.

Pricing – This is most critical. The wish should be priced appropriately based on the location, venue, crowd etc that will be fulfilling the wish. The price per wish is crucial to the no. of wishes being fulfilled

Fulfillment – Wish can be fulfilled via all options: Cash/ Kind or Gifts /Credit Card/Cheque/ Direct employee payroll deduction.

Note –

Here is a suggestion on how you could design your own wish tree (just an example!)

Dimensions: 6’ (Height) x 4’ (Width). Daan Utsav ‘WISH TREE’ Material: 5mm thick Sunboard with cutout of tree shape and Printed Vinyl of the tree duly Matt Laminated supported with Frame.  

Stand: Made of Card board/Mild steel. Trunk Size:1’. The tree maybe manned by some person to explain the operations or a poster with the same could be prominently displayed visibly next to the ‘WISH TREE’. Wish Cards & Wish Fruit Construct Tagging space available: 4’ x 4’ Number of Wish Card / Tags: 4’ x 4’ = 48” x 48” = 19 x 13 Tags = 250 Tags The front panel of the Wish Card will have the NGO wish printed on it. The back side of this Wish Card will have the following fields preprinted; Name, Department, Student/parent/employee name, and cell no for the person to fill.

Wish Card & ‘Wish Fruit’ Tag size: 2.5” x 3.5” 210 GSM Art Card – printed with sticker gumming (only on the top quarter) and punched to shape. Wish Card Tags in 1 color and happydot Smileys, ‘Wish Fruit’ Tags .

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