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Hi everyone! I would like to share an experience which made me feel proud of myself. Recently, it was the first day of navratri when me and my family had visited the temple for the regular puja. I saw many kids wondering here and there begging for money or something to eat. They had torn clothes and were in a very bad condition. But no one tried to help them out of their problems.

                      After that incident I was depressed with the complete scenario.Finally with all thinking I made up my mind to help those kids with all my means.With all my queries, I went to my mom and with a pleasing smile she promised me to help them. The very next day I saw my mom and grandmother cooking up food for them. This made me excited and proud of the whole new idea.

                     Finally, we packed up the food and went to temple. Within the temple premises, children were roaming here and there and begging. Even the passersby were ignoring them. With the help of my best friend,I made all the children sit together sit in a circle. Then we started serving those kiddos food. I felt very delightful looking at them. I was contended with the whole experience.

                     It was the day which I would cherish for whole of my life!!!!!!

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Comment by Venkat Krishnan N on October 10, 2014 at 7:36am

Hi, Navya, very happy for you, really delighted that you had this experience :-)!

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